Sickle Cell BenefitTour

Welcome to Our Sickle Cell Awareness Benefit Concert Tour Website

This is a collaborative effort of people, groups and organizations across the nation and internationally who are part of the Sickle Cell Community.  We are made up of persons diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia/Disease, have sickle cell trait, family members, caring friends, medical pprofessionals, supporters and those in rememberance, who have lost loved ones.

We know about Sickle Cell, but generally, the greater public really doesn’t! 

Sickle Cell is growing and some people who think they know about Sickle Cell really don’t because:

·        Sickle Cell is  NOT just an African American/Black disease!  Sickle Cell is in every race!

We bring the real and updated facts about Sickle Cell through the arts, dialogue, and education.

First Stop: Los Angeles!  Join us for a magical evening while learning about and supporting Sickle Cell.  Enjoy Old School, Blues/hip-hop (with a dash of Latin spice), and R&B music at the Legendary Proud Bird!

The Sickle Cell Benefit Tour Concert will be a very special night to remember.


When:  Saturday August 28, 2010

Where:  Proud Bird, Main Ballrooom

11022 Aviation BL, Los Angeles CA 90045

Doors open 7:00 PM

Concert begins   8:00 PM

Credit cards payments only! 

Tickets:  $60, $40 & $20.  

Purchase Tickets through PayPal on this Website

For more information call 323. 750.1087

This Benefit Concert is to promote Sickle Cell Awareness hosted by Star’s We Are and Associates in conjunction with the African American Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Registry for Sickle Cell Disease Awareness.  We continue to bring awareness through education about Sickle Cell during Health Fairs and other community events.  We explain and encourage Blood and Cord Blood donations; Register Marrow Donors; attending events and bringing back latest information to share and keep everyone informed by holding Open Forums, Leading groups, suggesting activities for World Sickle Cell Day and posting news on the following website: